Gentle Puppy Training Philosophy

In the past, dog training methods relied heavily on aversive means of motivation. Puppy owners were told not to begin training until 6 months of age – not because of inability to learn, but because puppies were unable to understand the coercive and hurtful techniques. In the early eighties however, dog training was revolutionized by positive reinforcement methods such as lure-reward training. Studies began to show that there is no minimum age as to when you can start training your puppy – there is no limit to what puppies can learn when training is fun and rewarding! Training your puppy at an early age means you can begin instilling good manners BEFORE bad habits and unruliness become entrenched! It makes use of the critical socialization period to habituate your puppy to all kinds of people (especially children, men and strangers). Young puppy training creates a “learning to learn” environment, where your puppy’s brain is stimulated and paves the way for later learning, and it allows for troubleshooting of common problems such as play-biting, house training and unruliness. All techniques used by Gentle Puppy Training Pet Dog Trainers are dog & people friendly. All training is FUN, EASY and EFFECTIVE for both dogs & owners. We say No! to using pain, fear or intimidation in training. Learn how to say Yes! Click & Play instead. As our mentor Dr. Ian Dunbar PhD says: Training is not about dominance or obedience. Training is about Trust, Respect and Relationship YES! We train puppies and YES! We train dogs of ALL AGES, BREEDS and MIXED BREEDS! Gentle Puppy Training promotes the use of humane training gear for your companion such as flat collar, head halter (Halti/Gentle Leader) body harness (Sensible Harness/Easy Walk). Gentle Puppy Training says NO! to choke-chain, prong collar and shock collars (or .E-COLLAR & REMOTE COLLAR)!    YES! WE ARE TRAINING CLASSES ALL YEAR LONG!

Group Classes                                                                   For schedule check our colorful calendar too!

PUPPY PARTY Level 1  6 weeks program / 1 .5 hour lecture then 5 group lessons  of 1 hour per week :$225.00* This class is intended for puppies * between 9  & 16 weeks of age on the 1st day of group class and their family. The class is taught off-leash for play time and training games, and on-leash for practicing loose leash walking and greeting people & dogs. The class priority is teaching puppies to develop a soft mouth (no jaws!) and socializing your puppy to people (children, men & strangers) and other dogs. It will also cover basic manners, potty training, crate training, chew toys training and home alone training, as well as coming when called, greeting people, learning to relax on cue, off leash & loose leash walking, handling, tricks, prevention, awareness & more! This class is unique; your puppy will be OFF-LEASH most of the time except when your are teaching loose leash walking. This puppy class is taught in real life format, with emphasis on VERBAL control first at home then out and about! Gentle Puppy Training believes Puppy Party Level 1 should be regarded as essential for any family/person adopting a new puppy. It is easy to teach on old dog sit down and stand. This puppy class is about bite inhibition (aka gentle jaws training), gentle handling by family first, then unfamiliar people, socialization & manners Potty Training  Chew toys training Coming when called Leash training            Self impulse control ( wait – Stay – Off!)  Focus & Attention! !                        IF THERE IS JUST ONE CLASS THAT YOU & YOUR PUPPY SHOULD DO…THIS IS THE CLASS! PUPPY PARTY Level 1 – ENROLL  YOUR PUPPY NOW ! DO NOT WAIT! NO! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL YOUR PUPPY HAS ALL OF HIS VACCINATION TO TAKE HIM TO GENTLE PUPPY TRAINING’ PUPPY CLASS. As long your puppy is healthy, was checked by a veterinarian it is safe to bring him to class. Puppies as early as 9 weeks old come to Gentle Puppy Training ‘Puppy Class level 1 .By the time they graduate at the end of the 6 weeks program those puppies  are way ahead on their manners, social skills and the MOST IMPORTANT ; they are CONFIDENT with PEOPLE and OTHER DOGS .Just remember the window of opportunity to socialise your puppy is 12 weeks old! There is numerous studies that confirm that statement: Socialization means :puppies should have seen, cuddled,and being handled by a minimum of 100 different persons at the breeder’s house then by 100 more people with his new family.  By  12 weeks old EVERY PUPPY should have been handled and cuddled by a minimum of 200 DIFFERENT persons.: men , women, children, toddlers, seniors etc… Socialization create confident & happy dogs!                                 Lack of socialization create timid, shy, fear biter and reactive dogs              .IS IT WHAT YOU WANT ???                                                                      IS IT THE TYPE OF DOG YOU WANT TO LIVE WITH|???                                       DO NOT WAIT! TIME IS RUNNING ! DO NOT WAIT ! TIME IS RUNNING! DO NOT WAIT!TIME IS RUNNING!


                                                                                                       FEBRUARY- MARCH – APRIL – SCHEDULE   EVENING CLASSES ONLY!                         1st class Registration and Lecture @ 5:30 – 7:30pm                           Group class.@ 6:00 – 7:00 pm  for 5 weeks 1 hour /week                                              PLEASE NOTE NEW 2018  —->FEES: $225<—-       

MONDAYS :February 5 – 19 – 26 March 5 – 12 – @ 6pm -7pm                                  Graduation Day Only Saturday March 17 @ 11:00am – noon           We are still accepting puppies in that Puppy Class 2 SPOTS AVAILABLE.                                                                                                       NO CLASS FEBRUARY 12                                                                             For puppies born AFTER October 23 ONLY

TUESDAYS February 27 – 6 – 13 April 3 – 10 – 17                                                                 NO CLASS MARCH 20 & 27 SPRING BREAK                                               For puppies born AFTER November 13 ONLY

THURSDAYS March 8 – 15  April 5 – 12 – 19 – 26                                                                     NO CLASS MARCH 22 & 29 SPRING BREAK                                                 For puppies born AFTER November 22 ONLY

WEDNESDAYS: April 4 – 11 – 18 – 25 – May 2 – 9                                                                       For puppies born AFTER December 13 ONLY

MONDAYS: April 9 – 16 – 23 – 30 – May 7 – 14                                                                     For puppies born AFTER December 18 ONLY

TUESDAYS: April 24 May 1 – 8 – 15 – 22 – 29                                                                         For puppies born AFTER January 2 ONLY.

If you miss the first Welcome Orientation Class, it is not to late to join the group class. Gentle Puppy Training offer a make up class that can be done anytime prior to the group class.

PUPPY PARTY Level 2 Big Dog Teenage class!

5 weeks program / 5 group lessons of 1 hour per week :$175  This class is designed for * Puppy Party 1 Graduates only, up to 2 years old. Dogs & owners learn higher level basic manners  skills, especially walking on a loose leash, heeling, recalls from play session & distractions, greeting routine, settle down, distance commands, sit/stay, down/stay & stand/stay with many distractions plus more tricks We accept a maximum of 4 dogs at the Gentle Puppy Training Sanctuary location for this class                                                                                                                                                                FEBRUARY – APRIL   2018 Schedule: 

   Group class.@ 7:30 – 8: 30 pm  for 5 weeks 1 hour/week                                   PLEASE NOTE NEW 2018  —-> FEES: $175<—

MONDAYS :          February 19 – 26  March 5 – 12 @ 7:30 -8:30pm ***FULL***                                                    Graduation day :Saturday March 17 @1pm – 2pm                  WEDNESDAYS:  April 4 – 11- 18 – 18 – 25 – May 2nd


5 weeks program / 5 group lessons of 1 hour per week :$175  This class is designed for * Puppy Party 1 Graduates only, . That is the level 2 with a tiny twist! This course is tailored for dogs that weigh 20 pounds or less Dogs & owners learn higher level basic manners  skills, This unique course covers the important basics, including walking on a loose leash, heeling, recalls from play session & distractions, greeting routine, settle down,  sit/stay, down/stay  with many distractions plus more tricks, all with a little dog focus in mind. In addition, students will learn valuable tips on keeping small dogs safe in the city and travel more tricks We accept a maximum of 6 little  dogs at the Gentle Puppy Training Sanctuary location for this class 

 FEBRUARY   2018 Schedule:                                                                                  Group class.@ 7:30 – 8: 30 pm  for 5 weeks 1 hour/week                                     PLEASE NOTE NEW 2018   —->FEES : $ 175 <—-

WEDNESDAYS: February 21- 28  March 7 – 14 April 4  ***FULL***                                  NO CLASS MARCH 21 – 28 SPRING BREAK                                                    MONDAYS   : April 9 – 16 – 23 – 30 – May 7                                                                                                                                                                                                                         BASIC FAMILY MANNERS                                                                              If  your puppy is already over 4.5 months old  (18weeks ) so too old for Puppy Class level 1 this is THE class suitable for teenage adolescent puppies.

6 weeks program / 5 group lessons of 1 hour per week + a MANDATORY 1.5 hour private lesson/ coaching , assessment & training session PRIOR to the group class $350.00* Ideally suited to 18 weeks ( 41/2 months)  – 18 months old adolescent dogs.This class is offered to every teenage puppy that unfortunately has missed the Puppy Class level 1. This 6 sessions program focuses on teaching polite greeting manners (not jumping on people & dogs), coming when called (particularly around distractions), settle-down (relax and chill out), loose leash walking, handling (accepting hugs, pets, massages and being restrained), grooming, tricks, games, laughs & more. Yes! We welcome the whole family and will teach you how to establish a sound relationship & leadership by teaching your young dog good manners in a fun and relaxed atmosphere! SORRY:THIS CLASS IS NOT SUITABLE FOR DOGS THAT SHOW REACTIVITY ( AGGRESSION) TOWARDS PEOPLE AND DOGS ( please refer to Private Consultation services)                                         

FEBRUARY 2018 Schedule We are taking reservation now!                                     Group Class @ 7:30pm -8:30pm  for 5 weeks  1hour/week                                  PLEASE NOTE NEW 2018  —->FEES: $350.<—-                                                         That includes 2 hours of private training session and 5 X 1 hour/week group class   

TUESDAYS: March 6 – 13 – April  3 – 10  – 17                                                                 NO CLASS MARCH 20-27 SPRING BREAK


5 week program – 5 group lessons of 1 hour per week $175.00* Open to any dog that has completed a basic course. Owners learn how to improve their skills with clicker training or sound marker & observe their dog’s ability to perform easy & effective tricks in a relaxed & fun atmosphere! Clicker & folder include in fee.

APRIL 2018 schedule                                                                                                    Group class.@ 7:30 -8:30 pm  for 5 weeks 1 hour/week                                                We are taking reservation NOW!!!                                                                     Thursdays:  April 5 -12- 19 – 26 – May 3rd                                                                        

Catch-Up Class

For anyone already enrolled in a group class, who misses a class, a 45 minute catch-up class is available for $30.00, or 90 minutes for $60, for a MAXIMUM of 2 catch-up classes per program.

Drop-Out Policy

* All course registrations include a $50 non-refundable deposit. The balance of a registered course fee will be eligible for refund up to one week prior to the course start date. No refunds will be provided after that time. Rates are subject to change without notice

Private Consultation

One-on-One at the Gentle Puppy Training Sanctuary OR In your home OR Out & About

Behaviour Problems:

Do you need specific, humane, stress-free and effective solutions and treatment planning? Gentle Puppy Training can help with problems such as: EXCESSIVE BARKING, DESTRUCTIVE CHEWING, HOUSE SOILING, PULLING ON LEASH, RUNNING AWAY, NOT COMING WHEN CALLED, AGGRESSIVE /OVER REACTIVE BEHAVIOR towards people , dogs, livestock, cats etc..RESOURCE GUARDING ,BITING, SEPARATION ANXIETY, INAPPROPRIATE DIGGING, FEAR , PHOBIAS, OBSESSIVE/COMPULSIVE BEHAVIORS etc… Sessions involve coaching (the owner)  assessment ( of dog’s behavior with people and dogs if applicable)  training session, , behavior modification plans, recommendations, feedback & follow-up. Gentle Puppy Training offers personalized training sessions  at the Training Sanctuary or  in the comfort of your home, at a time that is convenient for everyone. Each program is customized for your specific needs.

Additional Programs:

PUPPY HEAD START PROGRAM   in – home session This is the best program when new puppy’s owners   struggle with puppy’s normal  behavior  such as potty training ,crate training, puppy biting & nipping, destructive chewing,stealing, growling around food & toys, snapping/biting family members/grabbing the kids’s clothes & toys & barking. Gentle Puppy Training  can help you to resolve those issues in a gentle way using modern , humane & puppy friendly training techniques & management. . Puppy Headstart Program is a 120  minutes coaching/training session   A $25 discount for anyone taking  Puppy Class  level 1 & Puppy Head Start Program  

 FEES : ABBOTSFORD/ALDERGROVE  STUDENTS : $175                           FEES: CHILLIWACK /MISSION/ LANGLEY/SURREY:$225                               

BEFORE YOU GET YOUR PUPPY:                                                                                    Pre-purchase puppy breed & mixed breed selection                                                             Puppy personality assessment at breeder’s place .                                                        Puppy orientation at veterinarian clinic                                                                          Older and/or shelter dog assessment

Please contact Monique at Gentle Puppy Training for rates and further details about private consultations.