Wags & Woofs for Our Work

Puppy Party  Level 1

“The better way………train the owners then the puppy. The unique style employed by Monique not only gives you the tools to train your puppy but surprise, surprise they work extremely well and lets you use those tools well beyond the puppy stage.  Not only that but by inviting both “parents” to attend classes it puts everyone on the same page and gone are the spirited discussions on how the puppy should be trained.  Thank you for a great session.  We highly recommend this for both new and old owners.  You actually can teach an old dog new tricks.
Looking forward to attending the next session with Monique and her Gentle Puppy Training.”
Jan & Roger / Chilliwack

Basic Family Manners & Boarding

“My husband and I adopted, from a shelter in abbotsford, a 5-month old dog that had come from the streets of New Dehli, India, as a stray orphan. We wanted to do some group training classes to try catch up on the socialization our little guy, Georgie, desperately needed, as well as get some advice on training techniques. Georgie had mistrust issues with people and exhibited some fear aggression. Initially, we weren’t thrilled about having to pay for a pre-assessment before attending the classes but soon realised that it was very worth it! It gave us peace of mind that Monique had met Georgie and had a chance to understand his ‘personality quirks’ prior to any in-class spectacle, plus we got some great advice. More importantly, it also gave Georgie a chance to become familiar with Monique and the location before jumping in to a group class setting.
The basic family manners classes were a great investment – Georgie showed exceptional improvement over the 6 weeks, being exposed to unfamiliar people and dogs in a new environment while having fun learning new commands, and we found the Gentle Puppy Training techniques helped us understand Georgie better and were easy to carry into our everyday lives. Mouska was a great calming influence in the end-of class play sessions also.
Since the training we have also had occasion to use Monique’s boarding services several times. We know when Georgie’s there he’s in great hands with a fabulous doggy role model in Mouska as well as the other resort guests for company! We have absolutely no hesitation recommending the excellent care, professional services and knowledge offered by Monique at Gentle Puppy Training!”
Claire, Steve & Georgie / Abbotsford

Puppy Class 1

“I found the course was perfect for our family. From the 1st orientation class without puppy, I felt comfortable and at ease. I was a new nervous puppy owner and very much out of my element. Monique should call her class Gentle Puppy & puppy owner training! As an instructor should, she built up my confidence to train my puppy. I liked that our kids were welcome to classes and we learn as a family. We looked forward to handouts including the homework for the week.”
The Frego family and Luka / Abbotsford

Puppy Class 2

“Over the years we have taken 3 puppies to Monique’s classes. Her expertise and patience in teaching us and our puppies is second to none and that is why we returned with each of our new additions. Monique’s training helps solidify the bond between you and your pet with gentle training techniques that are built on trust and respect. With each puppy we concluded the classes with a well socialized, well mannered, happy dog who comes when they are called, walks nicely on a leash and performs a few tricks as well. We highly recommend Monique’s classes and since dogs will always be part of our family we will continue to start things off right with her.”
Cathy and Jules Tessarolo, Levi, Lucy and Matteo / Abbotsford

RALLY-O Beginner Class

“Monique and GentlePuppy Training have taught me the importance of having fun with my white shepherd Grace- the true joy of raising a puppy comes through the partnership of positive learning together under the guidance and wisdom of an experienced trainer. Puppy party 1 and 2, click and treat class and most recently Beginner Rally-O classes have provided me with skills, games, tips and positive training techniques that I can practice every day.
Monique values a holistic approach to puppy raising and generously shares her wealth of knowledge and experience with her students. Drawing on her lifelong passion for the canine/human bond, Monique has taught me to pay attention to my dog’s body language and to provide the practical training that my dog needs in ways that create a respectful canine/human partnership. I recommend Monique and GentlePuppy training to anyone who wants to learn in partnership with their canine companion.”
Carol & Grace / Mission / July 2012

Puppy Class, Basic Family Manners and Bow Wow Click & Treats

“To Monique, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help and information you’ve shared with Lucy, Dean and I. As you know the poodles joined our family in January 2007 when Dean was an intact male 15 months old and Lucy was a 5 month old female. She was not housetrained, really shy,”shut down” you called it and I had no idea what to do with her! I thought she was the craziest dog I’d ever owned and I toyed with sending her back to the breeder. Someone gave me your name so instead of giving up on her, I called you. I had always practiced “obedience” the typical choke chain way so when I met you and you said, “No choke chains” and “no jerking on the leash”, I was unsure of how this would work but I really wanted to give my dogs the best chance possible. I decided to take them through your PUPPY classes, BASIC FAMILY & BOW WOW CLICK K & TREATS( clicker training) because I thought they would “learn” and looking back, I was the one who learned!
Today, Lucy has really grown into a wonderful dog! She is no longer shy, is completely potty trained, crate trained and loves to go for walks. She will catch a frizbee or ball and return it or find it wherever I hide it. They are so beautiful and smart and each day bring us much joy and I want to thank you for making this possible.”
Anne Lee, Dylan & Lucy / Mission

RALLY-O beginning and novice class

“Rally-O was the third class that we’ve taken with Monique along with Puppy Party level 1 & 2. Rally obedience has been a fun way for me and our border terrier Bella to build on the puppy class training and improve heeling, but more importantly to build our teamwork! Monique ’s focus is on the positive- both dogs and humans having fun while gradually building up through the beginner Rally-O exercises.
Through Rally-O I’ve learned what kind of communication I can best use to motivate my dog and keep her interest over a sustained period of time. In the Fall 2010, I entered Bella in her 1st Rally-O Novice trial at the Lower mainland Dog Show , where she earned a qualifying score of 91/100! Rally-O is now a fun part of our regular play and training.Thanks Monique for introducing us to rally-O!”
Sharon Herbert & Bella

Puppy Head Start In-Home Program

“I highly recommend an in house consultation with Monique. Our 9 weeks old puppy was biting everyone especially my youngest child. We were getting desperate when we called Monique. She provided us with the information, practical tips and suggestions we needed to turn this experience around. What a transformation! We were able to set up a good wake/sleep schedule for her, changed her feeding routine,incorporated crate and pen training and have added regular training sessions into our life and her. She seldom bites now,and when she does we are all able to manage it more positively and effectively- even our children! Having Monique to OUR HOME was a godsend that quickly got us on the right path. Thank You!”
Heather, Daniel, Mark & Rosie / Abbotsford


Our new dog Marley, who is 4 years old, came from an animal shelter where he cowered in his kennel due to severe under-socialization by his previous owner. When we brought him home, he was so scared of everyone and everything. He was so anxious that he wouldn’t sleep at night and wouldn’t eat. His problems seemed to be more than we were equipped to handle. I heard about Gentle Puppy Training from one of the vets in town and gave Monique a call. Over the phone she made several suggestions to help us get Marley to sleep at night. I tried every single thing and it worked the very first night! He slept! We were so impressed that we booked an evaluation and consultation with Monique and it was well worth the price! When we first arrived at Gentle Puppy, Monique watched Marley hide under chairs and do his best to avoid all human contact. However, within the hour, she had him following her around, as well as coming to us looking for treats. Today, after following some of her training tips for the past few weeks, Marley is proving himself to be the dog we knew he could be! He looks forward to his walks, will go up to people and sniff their hand (looking for a treat), sleeps on our bed and travels with us everywhere. He looks so happy and relaxed now! We are looking forward to when Marley can attend puppy obedience school at Gentle Puppy. Thanks Monique!!                Linda & Marley / Chilliwack March 2016